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Ditch The YoYo Diet Method 

1:1 Private Coaching

You Won't Need Another Fad Diet Ever Again!

Change the way you think about weight loss & get real sustainable results instead!

Ditch The YoYo Diet Method 1:1 Private Coaching is a 12 week coaching program comprised of one weekly coaching phone call sessions per week that is personalized based on your unique body and weight-loss struggles 

If you have tried every diet out there, have lost weight just to gain it back plus more, if you are confused about all the contradicting information out there about weight loss, then this is the perfect place for you.

It will give you a personalized approach & teach you simple steps that will give you real sustainable weight loss & help you ditch the yoyo diet lifestyle for GOOD.

Diets Don't Work

If diets worked , 2 out of 3 Americans would not be obese. There are hundreds of different diets and weight loss programs on the market today. Most of them tell us two things...

1.Eat less food

2. Exercise more


Restrictive diets train the metabolism to hold onto calories instead of burn them. Restriction signals to your body scarcity. Scarcity could mean who knows when the next time food will be consumed to fuel the body, so the body naturally stores the calories it does get just in case. 


That is why the Ditch The YoYo Diet Method is NOT a diet. 



The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method is a lifestyle and nutrition upgrade.It is not a “lose weight fast” technique, a “magic bullet” or a method you follow for a few days and then go back to your life as you knew it.

Ditch The YoYo Diet Method 1:1 Private Coaching is for you IF 

  • You have tried many other diets but still don't have the results you want.

  • You have lost weight but gained it all back after another program.

  • You are confused by all the contradicting information out there about weight loss.

  • You want to learn how to make real, sustainable changes that will give you long term weight loss success.

  • You want to stop obsessing about food.

  • You want to feel nourished, and satisfied instead of deprived and hungry. 

  • You need accountability and someone to guide the way. 

  • You are serious about making changes for good. 

This is the first step in approaching your weight loss journey in a new light, the first step to rebalancing your body and mind to a real, sustainable approach to losing weight and improving your relationship with food. You can think of it as a “reset button” for your health, metabolism and mindset.

How is this different from other weight loss programs? 

The Ditch the YoYo Diet Method 1:1 Private Coaching  is unlike any weight loss, or diet program out there. 

Unlike most diets and programs out there where you’re depriving the body and focusing solely on eating less and exercising more, this method focuses on 4 Simple Steps of real sustainable weight loss.

1. Relaxing The Mind & Body

2. Eating Real Food

3. Reducing Exposure to Toxins

4. Movement

In addition, this method is designed for real people who lead super busy lives- like YOU!

  • There is no restrictive meal plan to follow.

  • No extreme workout program required

  • Does not require you to count calories, points or anything. 

  • No food groups are off limits.

Personalized Nutrition is the key!


There is no one size fits all approach, so personalization is key!


Personalization requires one-on-one attention & that is exactly what I promise you. It begins by filling out an extensive Transformational Nutrition Health Assessment form that digs deeps to understand your health, lifestyle and goals. This detailed information allows me to understand you and your unique body and life so that we can work together to co-create your unique personalized Ditch The YoYo Diet Method program.

Through a series of 12 one-on-one sessions, one each week, over the phone, we will dig deep to reset your body and metabolism, resolve any imbalances in the body, recognize root causes of imbalances, repair and remove the root cause and have you noticing improvements quickly and reaching your goals!


Ditch The YoYo Diet Method 1:1 Private Coaching pulls from science, psychology and spirituality to transform your body. 

These things are all achievable through nutritional support & lifestyle improvements.  I will never demand you do anything, but instead, I will educate you on your options and allow you to decide what you want to do.


My clients see results, and stick to their program because they are in the driver seat. They are not blindly following a program but instead making empowering decisions that will help their bodies and lives. I am right there by there side the entire time to educate, guide, support, encourage and listen. 


Since this is a personalized protocol, no two sessions are the same. I do not have "planned out" sessions that everyone does in the same order. Instead, each session is customized to where you are at on that particular day. However, I do use a frame-work for all sessions that looks a little like this. 

  • On the day and time of your session, I will call you! We spend 60 minutes together diving in to your personalized Ditch The YoYo Diet Method program.

  • Each session builds on the weekly session before it. We look at the progress made between sessions & discuss what your experience was like and how to fine tune your efforts to get the results you are after. Progress over perfection. 

  • We always acknowledge what is going right & the successes you notice along the way. Celebrating what is right helps give you a positive focus, even if you experienced some challenges that week. 

  • Changing your body and your life is going to show some obstacles along the way (because that's life) but we discuss these obstacles and I support & educate you on how to deal with these things. 

  • Every session will focus on aspects of science, psychology & spirituality to transform your body. Depending on that particular session we could discuss each topic or a combination of topics and how you can apply them to your journey. I will always be teaching you something new. 

  • We make your game plan for the week ahead! What steps are you going to take between now and our next session? I often times will share resources, techniques or activities with you that correlate with your goals and plan for the week to set you up for success.

  • We make sure you are booked for your next session & wrap up the session. 

What if you need support in between sessions?

I am here for you in between sessions! I don't leave you hanging between sessions. As part of your personalized Ditch The YoYo Diet Method program you get UNLIMITED chat support from me!

When you enroll as a Client, you will gain access to your private Client Portal, which includes a platform for private messaging chats with me! Just shoot me a message with your question, concern, victory, what ever it is you need, and I will respond within 24 Hours Monday-Friday! 

Why you should take it from me? 

Confession! I am a recovering yoyo dieter!

For more than half of my life I have struggled to be comfortable in my body. Always turning to the next diet plan and exercise program to "fix me". Time after time, I would not be getting the results I wanted, or seeing any changes for that matter.

It turned out that my hormones were a hot-mess & my metabolism was destroyed from yoyo dieting and on and off again fitness programs. So no matter what I ate or how much I exercised, my body was storing fat instead of burning it. UGH! Not to mention the slew of other symptoms I was experiencing like adult acne, mood swings, fatigue, headaches ...the list went on.

That struggle led me to become an expert on all things metabolism and hormones so I could heal my own body. Through alot of trial and error I learned that the traditional diet mentality of eating less & working out more WAS not the entire answer to getting the long term results I was looking for. 

I discovered the aspects of real weight loss success and was shocked that no other diet program out there even discussed. 

Pulling from all my research and trial and error I realized that I had come up with a method that was finally, ACTUALLY, working. I began incorporating this method into my personalized coaching programs for my clients who were also struggling with weight loss.

Guess what ... it worked for them too!

And The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method was born! 

Patient on Scale
What results can you expect?

The benefits of this program are numerous: 

  • Learn the root causes of the unique challenges your body is facing.

  • Feel confident that you are making the right decisions to lose weight and improve your health. 

  • Set the foundation for real, sustainable weight loss.

  • Improve your relationship to food.

  • Reduce and manage stress like never before. *Hint* This impacts your ability to lose weight!

  • Learn how to plan your meals so they not only taste good, but fill you up and provide you with all the nutrition you need.

  • Minimize cravings.

  • Improve sleep.

  • Enjoy your life while also reaching your health goals. 

  • Ditch the yoyo diet lifestyle & never feel the need to jump to the next fad diet ever again. 

1-1 Private Coaching Image.png
1:1 Private Coaching 

I created this program because I know that my own life and the lives of my clients have transformed dramatically because of this Ditch The YoYo Diet Method. 

1:1 Private Coaching in an investment into your long term health and wellbeing that will transform your life. 

The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method 1:1 Private Coaching gives serious clients a personalized experience that you cannot get anywhere else, from any other coach or program.


1:1 Private Coaching gives you a teacher, a cheerleader, an accountability buddy and someone who will give you the hard truths if needed to create real change in  your life and body leaving you with sustainable results and equipped with the knowledge you need to take great care of yourself forever...never needing another fad diet again!

The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method

4 Simple Steps Lay The Foundation For The Method


Relax Your Mind & Body 


Reduce Your Exposure To Toxins


Eat Real Food 


Practice Daily Movement

1:1 Private Coaching Utilizes the

 3 Pillars of Transformational Nutrition Model

Personalized Health 


Science of  Personalized Health 


The science of nutrition including unique health history, exposome & genetics.


Psychology of Personalized Health


The psychology of nutrition including past trauma, mental environment & evolutionary  psychology. 


Spirituality of Personalized Health


The spirituality of nutrition including personal spirituality, communal spirituality & environmental spirituality. 

  • Twelve 45-minute sessions (valued at $4,000). We will work together to customize your Ditch The YoYo Diet Method program using Transformational Nutrition. 

  • Transformational Nutrition Comprehensive Health History evaluation (valued at $200)

  • Unlimited email access to me- no questions is too small (valued at $400)

  • 10 Day Reset Cleanse program to kickstart your transformation (regular cost $400) 

  • Welcome Gift filled with goodies (valued at $100)


Access to your own Private Client Portal & Unlimited Private Messaging Chats with me in between sessions

(valued at $500) 

Total Value: $5,600

Your cost: $3,000 if paid in full

Save $198 when you pay in full!

Payment Plan: 3 Payments of $1,066



I have tried every possible diet out there and just felt defeated. I came across Milan and the Ditch The YoYo Diet Method 1:1 Private Coaching program and I can honestly say it changed my life. I am actually losing weight, my energy is so much better & I am confident in my food choices. 


I never thought I would escape the hold of the diet mentality. Working with Milan opened my eyes to better way! Dieting sucks and I promise you won't be doing a diet after you have Milan's guidance. I loved that I could ask her questions in between sessions & that she always made me feel safe and understood. 


I am halfway through this program and I keep wondering where this has been my entire life. I have dieted since I was 12 years old and in 6 weeks I have unlearned all the toxic info the diet world tells us. The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method makes SO much sense. It's simple things that make so much of a difference. I am so excited to see what the next 6 weeks have to offer!

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Free Guide: How To Actually Lose Weight & Ditch YoYo Diets In 3 Simple Steps
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