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Your metabolism is the determining factor of if your body is burning or storing fat. 

Controlled by your hormones, the metabolisms main job is to maintain & sustain your life. 

The metabolism is a very complicated and complex chemical process that occurs in the human body to keep us humans alive. To simplify what the metabolism does - it converts what you eat & what you drink into energy. This energy (also called calories) is what allows us to function, like breathing, blood circulation and growing & repairing our cells. 

How much energy (calories) your body uses (burns) to carry out these basic functions is know as your Basal Metabolic Rate. Your basal metabolic rate is completely unique to you. It is determined by your age, your sex, you body size & composition. Your energy needs for basic functioning (basal metabolic rate) stays fairly consistent and is not easily changed. 

In addition to your basal metabolic rate, physical activity & food processing determine how much energy (calories) your body will use (burn) throughout the course of a day. Digesting, transporting and storing food requires calories and adds the your daily calorie burn. Physical activity makes up the rest of the calories you burn in the day. Physical activity can be intentional workouts like your hour at the gym, your tennis match, your hike & it is also the activity that is "non-exercise" like walking from your parking spot to the store, fidgeting and even walking from room to room in your home, this is called NEAT ( Check out the article I wrote on the subject). These two factors are what we know we manipulate to increase the amount of calories we burn during the day. 

This is why we have been told that we can manipulate our metabolisms to lose weight by using more calories than we take in. "Experts" tell us that we need to eat less & exercise more if we want to lose weight. 

Eating less & exercising more is NOT the end all be all answer to weight loss!

Wait? Eating less & exercising more is not what I am suppose to be doing? 

Nope! This vague band-aid solution is not the answer to our weight gain epidemic. There is way MORE to the story that just simply eating less and exercising more. Most of us know that because we have done the restrictive diets and sweated through the excessive exercise programs and have NOT lost weight. 

So what are we missing? 

We are missing an entire conversation on how HORMONES influence your metabolism. Hormones ARE your metabolism. They are the chemical messengers that control pretty much everything in the human body. 

For our purpose of weight-loss...

Hormones are in control of almost every process of how we gain weight & how we lose weight.

Unfortunately for us, we are surrounded by a world of HORMONE DISRUPTERS. Hormone disruptors change how a hormone is SUPPOSE to communicate, confuses the hormone to act in a way that it is not suppose to act and cause imbalances in our hormones. Our hormones are like a perfectly functioning orchestra. When everyone is playing like they are suppose to its a perfect, sweet sounding song. If one of those instruments is not playing the right notes, it throws the entire orchestra off. The same is true for our bodies, when one hormone is off , all of them are confused and not functioning they way they need to.When your hormones are not acting the way they are suppose to in causes a cascade of problems including your body storing fat instead of burning it. 

You would think we would want to avoid Hormone disruptors at all costs, wouldn't you? The truth is that we are surrounded by them more than ever before.


Hormone disruptors can be toxins in the air we breath, in the soap we use to wash our dishes, the detergent we use to clean our clothes, the lotions and make up we slather onto our skin. 

Hormone disruptors are in the highly processed food we eat that is in every aisle of every grocery store in this country. 

Hormone disruptors are a result of the chronic stress we expose ourselves to day in and day out. 

See...hormone disruptors get us at every single turn and the scary thing is that most people don't even know its happening. 

So what now? Are we doomed to a future of hormone imbalances & staying over weight forever?

The good news is that we can eliminate those nasty disruptors and nourish our bodies with hormone positive alternatives so our body, hormones & metabolism can make its way back to normal. Which means your not fighting an uphill battle to lose weight , which means RESULTS for you! 

Lucky for you, this is my specialty & I can teach you all you need to know to make lasting changes in your body so you can ditch the yo yo diets & finally feel fabulous!

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Free Guide: How To Actually Lose Weight & Ditch YoYo Diets In 3 Simple Steps