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You Won't Need Another Diet Ever Again 

Make simple changes to your nutrition & lifestyle & get results that last! 

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Ditch The YoYo Diet Method Course is a 6 Week Self Paced Online Course that shows you how to actually lose weight & keep it off...without dieting!

Get instant access for just $199


If you have tried every diet out there, have lost weight just to gain it back plus more, if you are confused about all the contradicting information out there about weight loss, then this is the perfect place for you.

Have you ever felt this way?

  • Started over on your diet more times than you can count?

  • What worked for you before is not working now? 

  • Frustrated by all the effort you're making to track your calories, exercise daily and still not seeing the scale move? 

  • Discouraged by the lack of results or how quickly you seem to fail at every diet?

  • Confused by all the contradicting information about what you “should” and “shouldn’t” be doing to actually lose weight?

  • Are you sick of having to start over on Monday when you totally fell off the rails over the weekend? 

  • Feel like you just need some guidance and accountability but don’t know who to turn to? 

  • Wish you could just “eat” normal and not have to obsess about food and calories? 

  • Overwhelmed by all the strict rules most diets give you?

  • Sick of feeling hungry and deprived from the traditional diets you try?

  • Exhausted, stressed & uncomfortable in your skin?

  • Don’t have hours and hours to dedicate to a weight-loss program and workout routine but desperately need something?

How would it feel too....

  • Make simple changes to your nutrition and lifestyle and actually get results?

  • Cut through all the BS about what you should and shouldn't do and know exactly what will work for you? 

  • Ditch the yoyo cycle and the need to start over on Monday and learn how to get back on track quickly EVEN when you fall off the rails?

  • Have a Nutritionist & Coach in your corner (who has been in your same shoes) to support you and guide you every month?

  • Stop obsessing over calories and learn how to eat like a regular person? 

  • Break free from all the “rules” that diets give you?

  • Feel satisfied and nourished - and eat all the things you love?

  • Keep the weight off long term? 

  • Feel in control? 

  • Could reap all of these benefits without a huge time investment on your part? 

  • Live a life you don't feel deprived from? 

  • Actually feed good?

  • Have the confidence and understanding of how to maintain your results you don't need to diet ever again? 

After working with 100+ women- helping them make simple changes to create real & lasting results...

I've seen alot of people jump around from diet program to diet program that promised incredible results, but no long term way to keep it off.

So, I developed a 4-Part Method to help them actually get lose weight and keep it off without being on a diet. 

And I want to give you access to the exact same method- PLUS all the tools & techniques that goes with it,

so that you can ditch the yoyo lifestyle -for good.


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A step-by-step method for making simple nutrition & lifestyle changes that will actually give you results and keep it off... without dieting! 

"I was nervous to try the Ditch The YoYo Diet Method Course because I have experienced some really horrible programs in the past. I love that this program focuses on food , not deprivation.  It was a great way to reset my weight loss journey. I lost 12 pounds and went down 3 sizes! I feel like a million bucks and honestly have no regrets. For the amount of life changing things I learned in this course, Milan is not charging near enough for all this goodness! Worth every penny!"

— Lindsey 

Here's What You Get...

6 - Relax The Mind & Body Lessons 

Understand the root causes of your stress & how it is a major factor impacting your ability to lose weight & keep it off.


You will also learn tools and techniques to help you reduce stress in your life & how to manage daily stress better.  

Video Lessons & PDF Transcripts

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6 - Eat Real Food Lessons 

Uncover the truth about food & weight loss.  You will learn tools & techniques to help you create balanced meals without counting calories, how to incorporate meal prepping into your life & understand the “why” behind some of your eating habits to begin to improve them. 

Learn the method for breaking free from the diet rules, eating foods you love & still losing weight & improving your relationship to food.

Video Lessons & PDF Transcripts

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6 - Reduce Exposure To Toxins Lessons 

Discover how toxins in your food and your environment are preventing you from losing weight.


Learn your personal toxic load, and simple lifestyle improvements that will help you reduce your exposure to toxins and create weight-loss that lasts. 

Video Lessons & PDF Transcripts

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6 - Movement Lessons 

Learn that “the go hard” mentality for workouts  is not required for weight-loss and results that last. Create an intentional movement plan & learn to find what feels good, so you can make it part of your life you actually enjoy.

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PLUS Weekly Checklists & Resource Activities & Guide

Get immediate access to everything you need to make simple changes to your nutrition & lifestyle so you actually lose weight without being on a diet, in as quickly as 6 weeks.

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6 - Relax The Mind & Body Lessons (Value $597)

6 - Eat Real Food Lessons (Value $597)

6 - Reduce Exposure To Toxins Lessons (Value $597)

Weekly Checklists & Resources (Value $29)

Lifetime Access + Updates (Priceless) 

BONUS: Weekly Calendar + Customizable Template  (Value $27)

BONUS: Fresh & Healthy Eats Recipe Book (Value $29)

BONUS: 5 Steps to Effective Meal

Prepping Guide  (Value $19)

BONUS: 6 Week Unlimited Chat Support  (Value $600)

Total Value $2,495

Yours for Just $199 

What People Are Saying...


Ditch The YoYo Diet Method has changed my life. After having a baby I was the heaviest I ever have been. I was tired, uncomfortable and lost all sense of self-esteem. The things I have learned in this program are so different from everything else that I have tried. I lost 10 pounds during the program and continue to lose weight each week. I had no idea how easy it could be to results and also feel so much healthier. I am so excited I get to be a healthy, vibrant mom for baby A!


The biggest thing I have taken away from my experience with The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method is that my habits with food and my tendency to "fall off the wagon" are patterns that I have had since I was a kid. Once I was able to recognize my need to self soothe with food, I was able to start making better habits that don't involve food as my fixer. I feel so good in my body, my relationship with food has improved and I feel confident that I can make healthy choices for myself for the rest of my life!


The Ditch The YoYo Diet Course is a game changer! This program is fantastic. I love that all of the info is so clearly laid out and super accessible. I downloaded the app and had access to it on my phone which helped me stay organized and go through this course successfully! I loved that each week had action steps that I could plan for and focus on. I followed the weekly check list and was able to keep myself accountable. I made simple changes to my life and they have paid off big time. I feel like a new person.


BONUS # 1 ($27 Value)

Weekly Calendar + Customizable Template

Done-For-You Calendar with my suggestion for moving through the course + a customizable calendar template to create your own.

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BONUS # 2 ($29 Value)

Fresh & Healthy Eats Recipe Book 

Over 20 simple, healthy recipes including Smoothies, Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners & even Desserts!

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BONUS # 3 ($19 Value)

5 Steps to Effective Meal Prepping Guide 

The secret weapon to planning & prepping meals to keep you nourished and on track. 

Includes a meal planner template & grocery list. 

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BONUS # 4 ($600 Value)

6 Weeks Unlimited Chat Support 

For a limited time I am also including unlimited chat support with me, usually reserved for  1:1 clients only. Message your questions, concerns, victories, whatever it may be and I will respond within 24 hours.

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I have packed this course with everything you need to make changes that will actually give you results, so you can stop the crazy yoyo diet life. 


If I were to work with you 1:1, my rates would start at $1,000


But I know that not everyone can make that kind of investment & that shouldn’t stand in the way of women who can truly benefit from this method, which is why the price isn’t anywhere close to that.

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The complete value of everything you’ll get with this course is $2,495, but you’ll only invest…


Or 2 Payments of $100

Get immediate access to everything you need to make simple changes to your nutrition & lifestyle so you actually lose weight without being on a diet, in as quickly as 6 weeks.

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6 - Relax The Mind & Body Lessons (Value $597)

6 - Eat Real Food Lessons (Value $597)

6 - Reduce Exposure To Toxins Lessons (Value $597)

Weekly Checklists & Resources (Value $29)

Lifetime Access + Updates (Priceless) 

BONUS: Weekly Calendar + Customizable Template  (Value $27)

BONUS: Fresh & Healthy Eats Recipe Book (Value $29)

BONUS: 5 Steps to Effective Meal

Prepping Guide  (Value $19)

BONUS: 6 Week Unlimited Chat Support  (Value $600)

Total Value $2,495

Yours for Just $199 

more testimonials...


Wow the amount of amazing content included in this program is priceless. I am an experienced yoyo dieter but this program opened my eyes to a better way to approach weight-loss. I feel so much healthier overall and definitely noticing results! Not to mention I have lost 18 pounds! 18! I no longer need to count calories or track anything that I eat. The tools in this course have stuck with me and helped me create new habits and a better understanding of how to fuel my body, be active, manage my stress and live as toxic free as possible!


Run, don't walk to enroll in this course. I am blown away by how much I learned, and I thought I was doing everything right before! WRONG! The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method Course gave me practical tools and resources to heal my body and get me off the constant need to start a new diet. The shape of body is changing. The places where that stubborn fat has always lived is started to go away and trim up! Who knew hormones played such a role in how my body looks. I would do this course again in a heartbeat.


I am exactly what you would call a yoyo dieter. I have done dozens of diets,  had the "start again on Monday" mindset, and I always seemed to fail. I was sick of it and wanted a long term solution that wouldn't make me feel like a failure all the time. This course has answered that. The weekly action steps make me feel so good when I accomplish them. I feel like for the first time I am really proud of myself and the effort I am taking towards my health goals.

How is this different than other diet programs? 

The Ditch the YoYo Diet Method course is unlike any weight loss, or diet program out there, because it's NOT a diet. 

Unlike most diets and programs out there where you are depriving the body and focusing solely on eating less and exercising more, this method focuses on the 4 Simple Steps of real, sustainable weight loss.

1. Relaxing The Mind & Body
Chronic stress can make the difference between actually losing the weight for good or keeping the weight on forever + more. We are all more stressed than ever & the hormone cortisol could be contributing to excess fat storage and the inability to burn fat...even when you are eating less & exercising more. 

2. Eating Real Food

The food you eat can either support healthy weight loss or it can trick your body into storing more fat. Cut through all the contradicting rules that diets give you about food, and learn how to eat the foods you love and still lose weight without the need for spending hours tracking your food on MyFitnessPal. 

3. Reducing Exposure to Toxins

Did you know that your personal care products , environment  & toxins in your food could be contributing to your inability to lose weight? Learn the things you should look out for and how to clean up your lifestyle so toxic exposure is not preventing you from losing weight & keeping it off. 

4. Movement

Movement affects everything from circulation to digestion to metabolism and immunity. You don't have to do extreme workout programs to actually lose weight and keep it off. Finding simple but effective movements that you had add into your lifestyle will help you actually stick with it without feeling exhausted, sore and burnout all the time.

In addition, this method is designed for you to customize it to your own body & life! No one-size-fits all program here! 


Every week of the course has been planned out for you and is easy to follow. You can simply watch or read the content and then follow the activities and action steps for each week!


There are no complicated routines or confusing instructions, only a straight path to weight-loss!

  • There is no restrictive meal plan to follow.

  • No extreme workout program required

  • It does not require you to count calories, points or anything. 

  • No food groups are off limits

What results can you expect?

The benefits of this course are numerous:

  • Feel confident that you are making the right decisions to lose weight and improve your health. 

  • Set the foundation for real, sustainable weight loss. Most client's see weight loss during the first 4 weeks. ​

  • Improve your relationship to food.

  • Know how and what to eat. 

  • Reduce and manage stress like never before. *Hint* This impacts your ability to lose weight!

  • Learn how to plan your meals so they not only taste good, but fill you up and provide you with all the nutrition you need.

  • Minimize cravings.

  • Improve sleep.

  • Enjoy your life while also reaching your health goals. 

  • Ditch the yoyo diet lifestyle & never feel the need to jump to the next fad diet ever again. 

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Buy it, Try It and Apply It

Your purchase is backed by my 30 Day money back guarantee.

I know I always feel a bit anxious when I buy something online- especially from someone I’ve never met! 


So I want to put your mind at ease. 


I want you to feel confident in investing in the Ditch The YoYo Diet Method Course , so I am giving you 30 days to get to learn and implement everything within this program. If you can prove to me that you watched all the lessons and did all of the work in the action steps and you're not 100% satisfied , I will buy the course back from you. 


While I cannot guarantee specific results , I am super confident that you will have what you need to make simple changes to your nutrition and lifestyle that will improve how you feel and enhance your life.