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Diet Plan

Ditch The YoYo Diet Method Course 

You Won't Need Another Fad Diet Ever Again!

Change the way you think about weight loss & get real sustainable results instead!

This 6 Week Ditch The YoYo Diet Method course is a 100% online wellness & nutrition coaching experience that kicks off your personal transformation. 

If you have tried every diet out there, have lost weight just to gain it back plus more, if you are confused about all the contradicting information out there about weight loss, then this is the perfect place for you.

It will teach you simple steps that will give you real sustainable weight loss & help you ditch the yoyo diet lifestyle for GOOD.

Are you sick of dieting? 

This is the first step in approaching your weight loss journey in a new light, the first step to rebalancing your body and mind to a real, sustainable approach to losing weight and improving your relationship with food. You can think of it as a “reset button” for your health, metabolism and mindset.

The Ditch The YoYo Diet course is a lifestyle and nutrition upgrade.It is not a “lose weight fast” technique, a “magic bullet” or a method you follow for a few days and then go back to your life as you knew it.

This course is for you IF 

  • You have tried many other diets but still don't have the results you want.

  • You have lost weight but gained it all back after another program.

  • You are confused by all the contradicting information out there about weight loss.

  • You want to learn how to make real, sustainable changes that will give you long term weight loss success.

  • You want to stop obsessing about food.

  • You want to feel nourished, and satisfied instead of deprived and hungry. 

How is this different from other weight loss programs? 

The Ditch the YoYo Diet Method course is unlike any weight loss, or diet program out there.

Unlike most diets and programs out there where you are depriving the body and focusing solely on eating less and exercising more, this method focuses on the 4 Simple Steps of real, sustainable weight loss.

1. Relaxing The Mind & Body

2. Eating Real Food

3. Reducing Exposure to Toxins

4. Movement

In addition, this method is designed for real people who lead super busy lives- like YOU!


Every week of the course has been planned out for you and is easy to follow. You can simply watch or read the content and then follow the activities and action steps for each week!


There are no complicated routines or confusing instructions, only a straight path to wellness.

  • There is no restrictive meal plan to follow.

  • No extreme workout program required

  • It does not require you to count calories, points or anything. 

  • No food groups are off limits.

Why you should take it from me? 

I have a confession! I am a recovering yoyo dieter!

For more than half of my life I have struggled to be comfortable in my body. Always turning to the next diet plan and exercise program to "fix me". Time after time, I would not be getting the results I wanted, or seeing any changes for that matter.

It turned out that my hormones were a hot-mess & my metabolism was destroyed from yoyo dieting and on and off again fitness programs. So no matter what I ate or how much I exercised, my body was storing fat instead of burning it. UGH! Not to mention the slew of other symptoms I was experiencing like adult acne, mood swings, fatigue, headaches ...the list went on.

That struggle led me to become an expert on all things metabolism and hormones so I could heal my own body. Through alot of trial and error I learned that the traditional diet mentality of eating less & working out more WAS not the entire answer to getting the long term results I was looking for, and it sure wasn't making me feel any better.

I discovered the aspects of real weight loss success and was shocked that no other diet program out there even discussed. 

Pulling from all my research and trial and error I realized that I had come up with a method that was finally, ACTUALLY, working. It changed my life. I then began incorporating this method into my personalized coaching programs for my clients who were also struggling with weight loss.

Guess what ... it worked for them too!

And The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method was born! 

What results can you expect?

The benefits of this course are numerous:

  • Feel confident that you are making the right decisions to lose weight and improve your health. 

  • Set the foundation for real, sustainable weight loss. Most client's see weight loss during the first 4 weeks. ​

  • Improve your relationship to food.

  • Reduce and manage stress like never before. *Hint* This impacts your ability to lose weight!

  • Learn how to plan your meals so they not only taste good, but fill you up and provide you with all the nutrition you need.

  • Minimize cravings.

  • Improve sleep.

  • Enjoy your life while also reaching your health goals. 

  • Ditch the yoyo diet lifestyle & never feel the need to jump to the next fad diet ever again. 

So I created this course...

I created this course because I know that my own life and the lives of my clients have transformed dramatically because of this Ditch The YoYo Diet Method. 

Not everyone is able to invest in 1:1 Private Coaching but I didn't want that to stop women who could truly benefit from this method. 

The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method Course gives everyone the opportunity to get real, sustainable results and finally break free from the viscous yoyo diet lifestyle. 

The course is self paced, and reliant on YOU to take action. I give you all of the information, resources and guidance to put the Ditch The YoYo Diet Method to work for you!

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The Ditch The YoYo Diet Method

4 Simple Steps Lay The Foundation For This Course


Relax Your Mind & Body 


Eat Real Food 


Reduce Your Exposure To Toxins


Practice Daily Movement


As soon as your enroll in the Ditch The YoYo Diet Method Course, you will get access to your very own course platform!

This platforms holds all of the juicy details on what the Ditch The YoYo Method Course is all about. 

The course is laid out over 6 Weekly Learning Modules. Each week will include sections on Relax The Mind & Body, Eat Real Food, Reduce Exposure To Toxins & Movement.


Each section contains a video lesson, PDF transcript, an activity related to the lesson & an action step to but the lesson into practice that week. 

You also will get additional printable resources and templates to help customize your experience and get the most out of the course. 

You can easily download the PDFs and print off any of the material that you want. 

You also have the option to download the app so you can have your course materials right on your phone! 

This course is 100% online and  self paced. 

You Get: 

6- Relax The Mind & Body Lessons (Videos & Transcripts) 

6- Eat Real Food Lessons (Videos & Transcripts) 

6- Reduce Exposure To Toxins Lessons (Videos & Transcripts) 

6- Movement Lessons 

6-Printable Weekly Calendar Pages + 1 Customizable Weekly Calendar Template 

6- Weekly Checklist Pages to keep you on track 

Plus several printable PDF resource guides & activities that correspond to the lessons. 

(Valued at $450)

Start whenever you want & you get access to it for life! 



Fresh & Healthy Eats Recipe Book: Will over 20 simple, healthy and yummy recipes

(Valued at $29) 

For a limited time I will also give you 6 weeks of message/chat access with me which is usually reserved only for my 1:1 Private Coaching Clients. *6 weeks begins from date enrollment

(Valued at $600)

Total Value $1,079!

You get access to all of this for $199! 

Pay In Full: $199

Payment Plan: 2 Payments of $100

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How do I access the course? 

Enrolling in the course will create a username and password to your account. You will use that login to access the course materials. You can visit the course through a web browser or download the mobile app for IOS. 

Do I get access to all the lessons at the same time?

Each weekly module will be unlocked over the course of 6 weeks. When you enroll you will have access to week 1. 5 days after that week 2 material will be unlocked, 5 days after that week 3 material will be unlocked, and so on. After 6 weeks you will have full access to all course material for life. 

Can I download the course content? 

Yes! You can download all of the PDFs to your device and you can print them. The video lessons are not available for download. 

How long do I have to complete this course? 

You get lifetime access to the course materials and any updates in the future. You can go at your own pace or follow the recommended schedule. It's totally up to you!

What if this course is not what I expected after I purchase it? 

The course comes with a 5 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with it for any reason you can request a refund within 5 days of purchase. Email

What if I have questions during the course? 

As a special bonus, I am including 6 weeks of chat messaging access with me. I will response directly to questions Monday-Friday.  

What if I am pregnant or become pregnant?

This course is safe for pregnant or trying to become pregnant women. It may actually help you balance your body & conceive easier. This course makes food and lifestyle recommendations that are safe for all women, but always double check with your Doctor before beginning a new program. 

Do I need to purchase anything else for this course?

No! The course contains everything you need to be succesful. I will give recommendations on additional supplementation but it is not required for results. 

Is it safe to purchase this online? 

Yes! Payments are processed through Stripe Payments. A secure way to pay for purchases online. 

How will I feel after this course? 

Results will vary for each person. Your commitment to the following guidelines and implementing the recommendations will determine your success. It is not uncommon for women to experience weight-loss, increased energy, reduced

inflammation, stable mood, improved sleep, reduced cravings, body shape changes, less stress & improved relationship with food. 

What happens after the 6 weeks are over? 

You have lifetime access to the material and any updates. After the 6 weeks you can choose to remain on the email list to continue to receive support and resources as long as you want. 

"I was nervous to try the Ditch The YoYo Diet Method Course because I have experienced some really horrible programs in the past. I love that this program focuses on food , not deprivation.  It was a great way to reset my weight loss journey. I lost 12 pounds and went down 3 sizes! I feel like a million bucks and honestly have no regrets. For the amount of life changing things I learned in this course, Milan is not charger near enough for all this goodness! Worth every penny!"



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Free Guide: How To Actually Lose Weight & Ditch YoYo Diets In 3 Simple Steps
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