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3 Biggest "Cleanse" Mistakes- Be Sure Your Cleanse Program Doesn't Include These!

Mistake #1

Depriving Rather Than Nourishing Your Body While Cleansing

Restrictive cleanse programs, extreme fasting & juice or liquid only cleanses. These types of programs can be very dangerous and the health risks far outweigh the benefits.

Deprivation hampers the bodys ability heal and expel toxins. Our cells need to be fed, not starved. Without adequate fiber, vitamins and nutrients, the digestive system will slow & could trap toxins in the body instead of expelling them, which is the exact opposite of the goal of cleansing in the first place. Digestive health is key to cleansing!

Cleansing side effects like the ones below are due to nutrient deprivation!

• Headaches

• Irritability

• Low energy

• Nausea

• Joint and muscle aches

• Emotional distress

• Puts immune system at risk

• Needs vitamins and minerals to function right

• Very dangerous for diabetics

• Extreme because of calorie restriction

• Robs the body of essential nutrients

• Your body and health pay the price

• Many parts of your body run on glucose

• Brain

• Nervous System

• Eyes

• Needs to be replenished through healthy eating

• Thinking can get foggy and vision can get blurry if carbohydrates are cut completely.

Most people don't realize that the body needs more nutrients when cleansing, not fewer.

Mistake #2

Cleansing Too Quickly

Most programs advertise quick detox/cleansing like "3 Day Cleanse" or a "Weekend Detox". Quick fixes normally end up doing more harm than good. It took a lifetime to build up these toxins, unfortunately they are not going to go away in a weekend!

What happens when the body cleanses too quickly?

Too many toxins can flood the body too quickly which can:

  • Trigger the stress response

  • Cause skin problems like acne

  • Released toxins could get reabsorbed because the body cant expel them out quick enough.

Toxins are foreign to the body, making them confusing to process and digest. Toxins gets stored in safe, stable cells in our body- fat cells! Toxic overload could cause the body to want to hold on to these fat cells because they are protecting the body from the toxins inside. We do not need to give the body any more reasons to hold on to fat cells!

Cleansing too quickly can enhance the negative effects of detoxification such a nausea, headaches, depression and digestive issues.

Short term cleanses are ineffective. Without changing our lifestyle and creating new habits, the body will remain toxic and unhealthy!

Mistake #3

Not Taking A Holistic Approach To Cleansing

It is common to look at a cleanse as a quick fix but then we find ourselves quickly resorting back to the same unhealthy lifestyle and habits that made us want to cleanse in the first place. This causes imbalances in the body. Lifestyle improvement & lasting habit change is critical.

Food and nutrients are just one piece of the puzzle. The environment that we surround ourselves with contributes to the toxic load (the amount of toxins the body is exposed to and absorbed) of the body. From the makeup we put on our face, the detergents we use to clean our clothes, bodys, dishes etc, to the air quality in the city we live in, all impact our toxic load.

While it may be almost impossible to eliminate our exposure to toxins completely, we can eliminate many of them by choosing cleaner, safer alternatives. My advise to my clients is to start with the products you use on a daily basis like toothpaste, deodorant and makeup. Take a look at the ingredients in what you currently use and find alternatives that have less chemicals and safer ingredients.

My first swap was from Secret deodorant to Toms of Maine deodorant. Most brand name deodorant brands use ingredients that can be toxic to the body, aluminum for example. Aluminum compounds are used to clog pores to prevent sweating, but they also can interfere with estrogen levels, and has been linked to development of Alzheimers disease. Toms of Maine on the other hand is made with natural ingredients and is aluminum free.

The body is not the only system that needs to be cleansed. Cleansing the mind can have powerful effects on the health of the body. Stress has myriad of negative effects on the body which create and maintain our toxic load. The hormones that are released during the stress response can be just as toxic to the body and foreign toxins. It is critical to analyze where and when stress come.

Looking at your cleanse as more than a quick fix band aid, and incorporating cleansing activities for your mind and environment will gives you the most benefits during your cleanse commitment!


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The information in this presentation is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional, and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Milan Lekay, 2019

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