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What does a session typically look like?

Since this is a personalized protocol, no two sessions are the same. I do not have "planned out" sessions that everyone does in the same order. Instead, each session is customized to where you are at, on that particular day. However, I do use a frame-work for all sessions that looks a little like this. 

  • On the day and time of your session, I will call you! We spend 60 minutes together diving in to your personalized Ditch The YoYo Diet Method protocol.

  • Each session builds on the weekly session before it. We look at the progress made between sessions & discuss what your experience was like and how to fine tune your efforts to get the results you are after. Progress over perfection. 

  • We always acknowledge what is going right & the successes you notice along the way. Celebrating what is right helps give you a positive focus, even if you experienced some challenges that week. 

  • Changing your body and your life is going to show some obstacles along the way (because that's life) but we discuss these obstacles and I support & educate you on how to deal with these things. 

  • Every session will focus on aspects of science, psychology & spirituality to transform your metabolism. Depending on that particular session we could discuss each topic or a combination of topics and how you can apply them to your journey. I will always be teaching you something new. 

  • We make your game plan for the week ahead! What steps are you going to take between now and our next session? I often times will share resources, techniques or activities with you that correlate with your goals and plan for the week to set you up for success.

  • We make sure you are booked for your next session & wrap up the session. 

What if you need help in-between sessions? 

I am here for you in between sessions! I don't leave you hanging between sessions. As part of your personalized Ditch The YoYo Diet Method protocol you get UNLIMITED chat support from me. 

When you enroll as a Client, you will gain access to your private Client Portal, which includes a platform for private messaging chats with me! Just shoot me a message with your question, concern, victory, what ever it is you need, and I will respond within 24 Hours Monday-Friday! 

You can access your Client Portal through the desktop or download the mobile app! 

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